What is Discover VR?

At Discover VR you can experience high-end Virtual Reality at an accessible price. Explore the bottom of the oceans, walk through a living painting of Vincent van Gogh, create your own art in 3D or compete with your friends in a shooter.

Anything is possible at Discover VR and each visit will be unique and adapted to your preferences!

Who can attend?

Virtual reality can be enjoyed by everyone (>6 years), also accessible to people in a wheelchair, or with other disabilities. The experience will be completely adapted to your preferences and capabilities.

An unforgettable birthday party, a unique teambuilding activity, or a fun bachelor party. Anything is possible! 

For special requests or questions you can call us (+31 6 1172733) or e-mail us (info@discovervr.nl) before booking.

How does it work?

You and your friends will be greeted with a free welcome drink in our nice reception area. Then you will get a short introduction by our Virtual Reality guide and your VR experience begins! Here you will get a taste of different VR experiences that will get selected based on your capabilities and preferences.

Booking at Discover VR is possible from €17,50 per person!

Why HTC Vive?

We have carefully followed the technological developments in Virtual Reality and the HTC Vive currently offers the most immersive and intuitive experience. That is why we choose the HTC Vive and invested heavily in powerful PCs and additional hardware, to provide you with the best experience possible.

The review below of Trusted Reviews gives you a good idea what to expect:

“If you’ve tried Google Cardboard, Gear VR or the Oculus Rift and think you know what virtual reality has to offer, then prepare for a rude awakening. The HTC Vive delivers the most immersive virtual reality experiences available right now. It’s incredible, and tops a promising 2016 for HTC after the excellent HTC 10.

Trying to describe it in words is a tall order – there are none that can do it justice. It’s like trying to draw a symphony or sculpt a ballet – the essence can be evoked, but it needs to be experienced to be truly understood.

This means that this review will be different to TrustedReviews’ usual ones. I’ll still make sure that all the positives and negatives are covered, but before you worry about any of that, you need to know that the HTC Vive is immense, wonderful and utterly fantastic.”

Read more at Trusted Reviews


You can choose among a wide variety of experiences, making each visit to Discover VR unique!



Because of the development of a completely new VR experience, we are temporarily closed. An activity on your location for a teambuilding activity or conference is still possible. If you are interested in this please contact us through the e-mail address below.